DeChiaro Design


Formerly known as TSD Interiors, DeChiaro Design has been working with homeowners and businesses to create beautiful, functional spaces since 2011. Led by founder Theresa DeChiaro, a small team of experienced professionals provides interior design services and custom window treatments to clients throughout New Hampshire’s Lakes, White Mountains and Seacoast regions.

Our projects range from complete renovations to interior design for a single room. We have created spaces for homeowners who wish to age in place or welcome a baby; tap into the latest technology or preserve historic features; expand square footage or downsize; incorporate sleek,man-made materials or emphasize rustic sustainability. Every space we design has its own unique look and feel. Because every client is different, every project is distinctive.

DeChiaro Design assists clients throughout New England, but our primary focus is transforming spaces for homes and businesses in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, White Mountain and Seacoast towns.


DeChiaro Design believes in listening to our clients and understanding their needs. We strive to create our clients’ own unique spaces based on their tastes, passions, lifestyles and budgets. Because every client is different, every project is distinctive. DeChiaro Design will help clients reveal the beauty in their cherished items; whether faded or well-worn, we will find a home for all.


Theresa DeChiaro, Founder

Functionality, practicality and comfort are always the backbone of every aesthetic.

After studying interior design at UNC-Greensboro in the early 1990’s, Theresa began work as a designer in Dover, NH. Over the next 30 years she has worked continually in the interior design industry in New Hampshire, Boston, Atlanta and New York City. In 2011, she returned to her hometown of Wolfeboro, NH and launched TSD Interiors, renamed DeChiaro Design in 2020. Theresa attributes her business success to her ability to listen, understand her clients’ needs, and bring their visions to life. She enjoys the country life in Wolfeboro with her son, James.

Kelly Saunders

Your home should ultimately reflect your experiences, your passions, and your tastes.

Kelly joined DeChiaro Design in 2014. She is involved in the details
of almost every project and is the driving force to keep suppliers on track and projects on schedule. Most recently, Kelly has taken over our window coverings division as our window treatment specialist. She is our chief expert on all things windows and will help guide you to finding the best window coverings for your home. Kelly lives in Wolfeboro with her husband, Mark, and three children.

Martha Sheahan

Good interior design should make your life easier, not more difficult. Your interiors should seamlessly meld into the way your live your life.

Keeping it in the family, Martha is Theresa’s sister and has been with DeChiaro Design since 2018 when she took over the bookkeeping from their Dad.  Even though she works almost entirely behind the scenes, her input and ideas for moving DeChiaro Design forward has been invaluable.  Martha lives in Wolfeboro with her husband, Sean and they have four children.

Maria DeChiaro, Senior Designer

Design is about creating a sense of place, one that is both functional and timeless.

Maria earned her degree in interior design from Kent State University in 2007 and began her design career in Los Angeles working for an internationally renowned hospitality design firm. Beginning in 2010, she transitioned to a sales and marketing role for a British luxury textile company. This position eventually led her to the New England area where she managed their showroom at the Boston Design Center. Her experience in multiple facets of the design industry allows Maria to bring a diverse skill set to DeChiaro Design. Maria currently resides in the Seacoast area with her husband and three children.